The University of Oxford has been the epitome of knowledge, learning and scholarship. At the Oxford Institute, we believe in providing students a holistic and personalised learning experience.

We understand that the best learning comes from pursuing your passions, engaging your curiosity, and developing a questioning mind. We encourage students to follow their interests within and beyond the classroom. Our teaching methods are designed to maximise individual attention so that we can empower students to think critically, develop their thoughts, improve their writing and communication, and acquire the tools they need to continue their learning independently. During the Oxford Summer Program students have the experience of a lifetime with a unique blend of academic rigour and extracurricular activities.


We are the only summer programme in Oxford which places Oxford University’s unique teaching method – the tutorial system – at the heart of our teaching approach.

All courses are taught in tutorials – students are assigned in groups of 1 to 3 to have intensive daily sessions with their tutors, who are leading scholars and researchers at Oxford University.

Tutorials create intimate and personalised learning environments. Students get the chance to comprehensively examine their chosen subject by interacting with experts in the field. Tutorials introduce students to a novel and cutting-edge research in their subject areas, provoke curiosity and inspire them to think outside of their comfort zone.

Tutorials are highly flexible and feedback-oriented. The content and pace of learning are shaped by the interests and goals of the student. Tutors are also trained to develop students’ thoughts and ideas, enhance critical thinking and communication skills, and identify areas of improvement. Having a direct relationship with tutors also makes learning fun and engaging.

Our students have consistently found tutorials to be the most enriching component of our summer programme.


Our courses include lectures by senior academics associated with the University of Oxford on the subject areas/themes of the students’ choice. The objective of the lectures is to introduce students to the latest debates, discussions and innovations in their field of study. These lectures also include a Question and Answer session that encourages students to discuss and deliberate on the issues discussed in lectures.

The lecturers are encouraged to use a variety of study aids which includes hand-outs, powerpoint slides as well as audio video materials. The majority of the lectures are in presentation form, whereas in other cases seminar style is opted. Seminars require students to read academic papers, which are then discussed by students and moderated by the lecturer.

Each course prescribes some key seminal texts and excerpts from these are provided to the students as lecture handouts. All course materials required to complete the summer courses are provided by the Oxford Institute. A recommended reading list is provided and students can purchase these books to pursue further research.

Please view profiles of some of our previous guest lecturers and tutors here.