The Oxford Summer Programme provides students with the rare chance to experience life as an undergraduate student at Oxford University – they live in university accommodation, dine in college dining halls, attend courses delivered by Oxford scholars, and explore other facets of student life in the city.

Oxford is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, if not the whole world. Its magical streets, its dreaming spires, its breathtaking vistas, and expansive parks, have retained their centuries-old charm even in today’s fast-paced, modern times. The colleges at Oxford University are themselves hundreds of years-old with buildings and dining halls which transport you back in time to connect with centuries of tradition and excellence. Living in these colleges, having tutorials in their lecture rooms and eating in their Halls, gives students a chance to immerse themselves in a unique environment which cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.
At The Oxford Institute we engage all our students in various team-building games and activities. We help students learn to work together, give them a chance to get to know each other, build trust as a community and, best of all, have some fun. Every evening students gather in the common room for different fun activities including karaoke nights, drama, various board games, chess club and movie nights.
Oxford has some of the best museums in Europe (including its oldest, the Ashmolean) and has been home to some of the greatest writers and artists, such as Shelly, Tolkien, and Naipaul. During their free time, students can visit open-air theatre plays, concerts, and exhibitions which are held all over Oxford during the summer. In order to broaden students’ horizons, the Oxford Institute organises trips to various museums and art galleries throughout the program with guided tours by experts and artists from within Oxford.

The University Parks and Christ Church Meadows in the center of the city are always open to the public for pickup games. The Oxford Institute also organises multiple sporting activities with participants enjoying football, cricket, and athletics competitions.

Most importantly, students partake in the most traditional of Oxford activities: Punting! In boats of six people each on the Cherwell River, students stand on the brow of a boat at one end with a long pole and attempt to navigate through the waters. An extremely fun and relaxing activity as the boats pass by ducks, swans, and the English countryside and onto the local public house for a memorable afternoon!
The Oxford Institute hosts students from several countries across the world. Students have a chance to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds and form life-long global friendships.

Oxford itself is one of the most international cities in the UK. The University itself hosts students from over 150 countries, while the city boasts of great diversity with substantial diasporas of Australian, Caribbean, Chinese, and South Asian backgrounds. Moreover, with its traditional mooring and long-standing scholarly communities, Oxford offers the perfect blend of traditional British and international cultures. Students can explore multiple cuisines, musical diversity and much much more during their stay in Oxford!