The Oxford Institute provides state of the art facilities to its students. One of the unique aspects of our programme is that our students get to share the same facilities that are used by full-time enrolled students at Oxford University. These include on-campus accommodation, lecture rooms, dining halls, sports fields, laboratories, libraries and other recreational facilities. The students reside in the constituent colleges of Oxford University and have access to all their amenities, otherwise exclusively reserved for enrolled students at Oxford University.

Our accommodation facilities are located at a constituent college of Oxford University. Students get to experience the real college life experience by boarding in the same rooms that are used during term time by students enrolled in degree programmes at Oxford University. The accommodation facilities are located in the heart of the historic city and in close proximity to all the amenities and attractions that Oxford has to offer.

The most important aspect of our accommodation is that it provides our students with an opportunity to experience an environment that was identical to the one experienced by the famous alumni of the Oxford University that include world leaders, scientists, philosophers, artists and other notable personalities who had great influence on their respective fields.

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi internet and ethernet connection and include either en-suite or shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The accommodation is set within the historic campus, overlooking College 'quads' and has some of the most exquisite lawns and green spaces amongst all Oxford Colleges and is recognised as an architectural masterpiece.

The Oxford Union is one of the oldest debating societies in Britain and is considered “the last bastion of free speech in the Western World" (Harold Macmillan, Former British Prime Minister). The Union has nurtured numerous famous leaders and politicians and has a tradition of hosting prominent individuals from different fields of life: Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Morgan Freeman, and Mother Teresa being some of them.

The Oxford Institute has a long-standing relationship with the Oxford Union. Students are coached in debating by champion debaters from the Oxford Union, as well as prominent members of the Union, including the President. They are trained to form concrete arguments, and explain their points of view clearly and persuasively. Training concludes with a final debating competition at the famed debating chamber of the Oxford Union, the site of historic speeches by visionary leaders including Malcolm X, Albert Einstein, and Jawaharlal Nehru.
The health and safety of all our students is of paramount importance for us. A number of arrangements are in place to ensure this including but not limited to the following:

24 Hours Supervision:
All our students are supervised around the clock and accompanied by our deans, lecturers and tutors. The students are divided into smaller groups during the outdoor activities (such as educational excursions) and are accompanied by trained and specialist staff members.

Deans Availability:
Our deans remain available at student accommodations at all times.
Travelling within the United Kingdom including transfers from the airport, in and around Oxford and the excursion trips are included in the fees for all courses offered by The Oxford Institute. The summer program includes a number of excursions in and around Oxford, Big Ben, Hyde Park, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, museums, shopping centres and other places of interest.

The students are therefore only required to arrange for their air travel to and from the United Kingdom. We recommend that you arrive at and depart from London Heathrow airport. In exceptional cases, London Gatwick, Luton and City airports and Birmingham International Airport may also be used.
Oxford University has a distinct tradition of fine dining at the extravagant dining halls at all colleges of the University. Various formal dinners and termly feasts, are regularly organised by the colleges that include multiple courses of a range of cuisines. The dining halls are epitomized by the famous Harry Potter series where Hogwarts, including its dining hall, has been modelled on the Christ Church College dining hall at Oxford University. Typically, dining halls are spacious and feature wooden floors, panelled walls with giant portraits of the notable people who studied at the college, chandeliers and a high table normally reserved for the fellows at the college.

The Oxford Institute caters to the diverse dietary requirements of its members and offers an excellent range of options for both breakfast and dinner. Food is prepared by an expert chef on campus and only fresh ingredients of high quality are used. Breakfast and the formal dinners will both be arranged at the College's dining hall, which is included in the fee for all summer school courses offered by the Oxford Institute.
Our students use the same lecture rooms that are used by Oxford University students. The lecture rooms at Oxford University are of different sizes and are used for various purposes. Some of these are set up as classrooms, some as round-table discussion rooms while others, as seminar rooms. We use a combination of these rooms to ensure that the students are seated in accordance with the style of teaching. Our tutorials, for example, feature roundtables for the students in order to facilitate sharing of views effectively and allow them to freely discuss the topic. The seminar rooms are used for guest speaker lectures and classrooms for lectures on various topics during the summer programme. The furniture in the lecture rooms is practical, comfortable and helps create an environment conducive for learning.

All lecture rooms are fully equipped with audio/video equipment along with the traditional whiteboard, worksheets and other interactive academic material for making the process of learning pleasant and more effective.