We welcome students from all over the world who are enrolled in various local and international examination systems such as IB (Diploma Programme), CP (Career-related Programme), O or A levels, IGCSE, GCSE as well as local education systems followed in different parts of the world. In tutorials system students are divided into small groups as per their system and age group, this will provide them a chance to have one to one interaction with the tutors and refine their skills further.

At The Oxford Institute's Summer Programme we look after students enrolled in Middle Years Programme (MYP, 12-16 years old), Diploma Programme (DP, 16-19 years old), and Career-related Programme (CP, 16-19 Years old). We Offer an extensive IB preparation program which is designed to bring students’ skills up to the required level for the IBDP. Small interactive classes delivered by our Oxbridge tutors focus on the individual needs of each student, applying the highest standards of IB-related expertise to help students maximise their individual academic success. The programme participants opt for a major and minor module which helps in introducing students to concepts that they are likely to study at university level. The course therefore serves as a bridge between their current IB studies and those at the university level.
Our two week residential summer camp provides our O/A level students the option to choose from 32 different subject areas. We have structured our courses in a way that they can meet the greater demands being placed on A Level students as a result of the recent educational reforms as well as the continuing pressure from Universities and Employers to achieve excellent A Level results. The Oxford Institute's Summer Programme encourages both personal and academic achievement, by challenging programme participants to excel in their studies and helping them in their personal development.
The Oxford Institute's Summer Programme fully cater to students enrolled in GCSE and IGCSE programmes. It gives its participants the confidence, knowledge and understanding to approach their GCSE/IGCSE studies. Upon request, the tutors can also go through exam technique and answering exam questions with the students. We follow the tutorial teaching method where students are put in a group of no more than three students in the same age bracket, education system (e.g. IGCSE) and subjects/topics of interest. The program, therefore, provides rigorous training in IGCSE curriculum and also provides students with an opportunity to obtain tips and learn best practices on preparing for their exams. Career counseling leading to a personalized roadmap for each student developed through mutual consultations between the students and their respective tutors is also included in the program. The summer program will be instrumental in helping students prepare for their IGCSE exams and beyond.
At the summer camp we welcome students from parts of Asia, South America and Africa studying in their local education system. Our unique tutorial teaching method allows us to be flexible in terms of accommodating specific requests of each participant. This also helps in introducing them to concepts that they are likely to study in the year/s to come. The Oxford Institute's Summer Programme will help students from a variety of backgrounds and education systems to appreciate and understand similarities and differences between their pedagogical paradigms and those used at others. They will receive expert advice which will aid in making a transition from their particular education system to studies at one of the top universities in the world.