The Oxford Institute offers an exclusive Oxford Experience through its summer school programmes. There are a number of factors that make us distinct.

Our strength lies in the holistic and personalised nature of the programme. Every day is balanced to include academic, extracurricular (debates, sports, arts, music), and social (sightseeing, entertainment, cultural evenings) activities.

Students are also facilitated in using their daily unstructured time to explore and pursue activities that align with their interests. The programme is very intimate – limited to 50-80 students per batch – and therefore highly personalised.

All courses are taught in tutorials - the unique Oxford teaching method of intensive daily sessions between 1-3 students per tutor. The subject and pace of tutorials are shaped by the interests and needs of the student. There are no fixed lesson plans and no topic is out of bounds.

Each student is assigned (in groups of 10-15) to a residential mentor, to help them transition to independent living and learning. Residential mentors also provide counseling on university admissions and other academic and career goals.

Overall, we create the most supportive environment for students to explore and enhance their academic abilities and creative talents and freely pursue their passions.

Furthermore, our founders are themselves Oxford graduates who have gone on to successful careers both in academia and in the industry.

Our students reside at the Oxford University campus and use all the facilities that are normally exclusively available to Oxford University students including accommodations, dining halls, lecture rooms, sports and recreational facilities, parks and gardens, etc. They are taught by tutors, lecturers, professors and research affiliates associated with the University of Oxford.

Our courses are designed by the academics at Oxford University and we follow the same tutorial method of teaching that has made Oxford one of the best universities in the world.

Our programme emphasizes the development of soft skills such as networking, teamwork and leadership through a number of practical projects and activities such as debating at the world-renowned Oxford Union.

Our counselors give expert advice to students on applying to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Yale and other top universities for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and which career paths would suit their intellectual abilities.

We encourage active participation in class discussions so that every student gets to make an individual contribution.

We train our students to develop their critical thinking skills and question established theories and concepts.

We empower our students by having them lead individual and team assignments and presentations and instil confidence through debates and public speaking.