Our executive leadership Program provides leaders from across the globe an opportunity to interact and engage with like-minded individuals.  Our two-week Executive Programme focuses on the challenges facing our global leaders and explores the most appropriate and practical solutions.

It is an ideal opportunity to take a step back, consider the bigger picture, and begin to develop solutions that will be necessary for many decades to come.

A Journey of Transformation: Experience a transformative journey that encourages you to think beyond the immediate. Our program is designed not just to address current issues but to equip you with the foresight and skills needed for the challenges of the future. 

Our focus is on practical application, ensuring skills acquired are directly applicable to your professional environment.

Dynamic Learning Experience:

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in a dynamic mix of case studies, lectures, and workshops led by world-class educators and industry leaders.
  • Debating experience: Debate at the prestigious Oxford Union where you would observe how leadership is nurtured at a place that educated 28 British Prime Ministers, 57 heads of state/Prime Ministers and 58 Nobel prize winners.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from the UK’s bustling tech, Government, and business sectors.
  • Cultural Immersion: Enjoy the tranquillity of the English countryside with a peaceful punting experience and explore the historical richness of Oxford through immersive tours.
  • Global Expertise: Our faculty includes leading scholars and successful business entrepreneurs from the University of Oxford.


Our Global Reach: We’ve welcomed participants from the USA, Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Jamaica, Nigeria, Malta, Germany, France, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, India, China, and Canada, reflecting our program’s international appeal and impact.

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for CEOs, directors, top-ranking business officials, young entrepreneurs and managers, executive committee members, heads of business units, senior operating group members, and policymakers in business development.

Ad Hoc Executive Leadership Programme

Besides our main Executive Leadership Programme, we also offer an Ad Hoc Executive Leadership Programme. Our specially tailored Ad Hoc Executive Leadership Programme is designed for institutions aiming to propel their employees to new heights of success. This bespoke program adapts to the unique needs of your organization, ensuring impactful and relevant training for your team.

Track Record of Excellence: We have delivered successful programs for prestigious clients such as the British Council, the Government of Pakistan, and a diverse range of corporations, demonstrating our ability to meet a variety of leadership development needs.

Our Executive Leaders of 2023

Miori Tomisaka


Kamal Powell


Eduardo Kirchner


Clement Owusu


Siddharth Sinha


Maria Schoenmaker


Nurul Rahman


Sanullah Khan


Jala El-Akoum


Parsa Fatema



Accommodation: St Anne's College, University of Oxford
DATEs: 28 Jul - 9th Aug 2024
FEE: £6,999 GBP
The fee covers airport transportation, accommodation, food and dining, excursions, tuition fee and study materials.