We draw extensively upon the expertise available at the University of Oxford for admin and teaching roles at the Institute. Our team combines academic and managerial brilliance as well as top end research, teaching and pastoral care experience to provide a memorable ‘Oxford Experience’.

See the profiles below of some of our current and previous team members who bring the Oxford Experience to you.


Each student is assigned to a male or female residential dean in groups of 10-15 students. Deans are responsible for pastoral care - living on-site, helping students with challenges, facilitating their participation in all activities academic and social, and easing their transition to independent living and learning. While the Programme values and encourages student independence, the Deans are also responsible for maintaining discipline when needed.

Tabitha Spence


Tabitha holds an M.A. in Geography and Development and a Graduate Certificate in Water Management and Policy from the University of Arizona. She is currently based in Cambridge, as a doctoral researcher in Development Studies with a focus in international climate politics. She is experienced in teaching undergraduate students, and managing student welfare.

Nazish Gulzar

Head of Operations

Nazish studied Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford and holds a Master's degree in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester. With nearly two decades of experience in the British education and technology sectors, she has an extensive background in program management, operations, and strategic development.

Ayyaz Mallick

DEAN - Academic Affairs

Dr Mallick completed his Master’s in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and his PhD in Environmental Studies from York University. He heads academic affairs at the Oxford Institute and a university lecturer with research interests in Marxist and anti-/post-colonial theory.

Tom Hendriks


Tom studied History from the University of Oxford. After working in the technology sector, he joined us as an IT tutor, bringing comprehensive industry and academic knowledge. As Senior Adviser to the Oxford University Rifle Club, he remains close to the University, offering coaching, mentoring, and advice, as well as covering safety, welfare, and residential programmes.


Our Academic Coordinators are leading researchers and academics in their field. They define the overall academic direction and standard of the Programme. Besides monitoring the quality of tutorials, academic coordinators plan keynote lectures, workshops, academic counseling sessions, and evaluate student progress and feedback.

Maria Rioumine

Maria read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Christ Church College, Oxford University. She was elected President of the Oxford Union, the world renowned debating society and oversaw the organisation of all university-wide debates, socials and speaker events.

Dr. Anna Svenson

Anna holds a PhD in History of Science, Technology and Environment. With a background in English Literature (BA, University of Oxford, 2008), her current research areas engage with the challenges and possibilities of interdisciplinary research, the history of botany, and early modern collecting cultures.

Harry Lee

Harry has graduated from Oriel College, University of Oxford in Molecular and Cellular Biology, he was also visiting scholar at Princeton University (USA) for one year. Harry came to Oxford from Korea and has been helping overseas applicants with their Oxbridge applications since his first year at Oxford.

Dr. Megan Robb

Megan holds a PhD in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford. She has completed an MPhil degree in Modern South Asian Studies and a Bachelor’s degree from University of Indiana, USA. Megan remained the General Secretary of the Oxford University Model United Nations and has excellent public speaking skills.


Samuel Berryman

Samuel brings extensive experience in account management and administration in research. He leads the administration team, and is in charge of the smooth running of the Programme.

Anna Rehman

Anna completed her LL.B (Hons) from University of London and brings over 6 years of experience in education development and management. She has worked in the areas of education technology and youth capacity building.

Dr. Andrew Turesky

Andrew heads the student affairs and welfare at The Oxford Institute. He has over 25 years experience in student counselling and career guidance. Andrew is a graduate of the Columbia University (USA) and the University of Oxford.


Peter Hough - Peter has over 40 years of experience in the education sector. He has worked across a range of age groups and has been involved in the Oxford Insitute’s teachers training programme for the last three years. Peter also acts as the campus head for the Oxford Institute. His responsibilities include looking after student welfare and overseeing all disciplinary matters.


All our tutors are former or current Lecturers or researchers at the University of Oxford. Our tutors have experience teaching undergraduate students of Oxford University. This means that the participants of the summer programme will receive the best quality learning.

We are proud to involve highly qualified and passionate people at our summer programs for the past 10 years. They motivate students to explore and enhance their academic abilities and creative talents. Participants aspiring to a world-class experience and education can be sure to receive great mentorship while in Oxford.

The tutors who have taught various courses at our summer programme are listed below, however this is not an exhaustive list and includes only a few of the tutors who have taught at the Oxford Institute.