The Oxford Institute’s Summer Programs offer a mix of academic excellence, skill development and a fun summer holiday. They provide students a chance to immerse themselves in a ‘Hogwarts’ styled ‘Oxford Experience’ with accommodation in the University premises, dining at historic college halls, attending courses delivered by Oxford scholars and exploring the student life in the city.

The programs include intense academic training delivered through innovative teaching methods. The course content is tailored to suit the requirements of individual students. The program also allows students to interact with their counterparts from all over the world.

The programs cater to diverse age groups. We divide our students into four different categories: Juniors (age group 12- 15 years old), Seniors (16 to 19 years old), University Students 19+ and Executive Programme (25 years old and above).

JUNIORS (12-15 Years old)
Our Juniors Camp is designed for students who are 12 to 15 years old and are currently enrolled in their Middle School, High School or being homeschooled. Students enrolled in our Juniors batch come from diverse educational backgrounds. including MYP (Middle Years Programme), students preparing for their IGCSE, GCSE, O levels or national examination systems in their respective countries. All courses are taught in tutorials - the unique Oxford teaching method of intensive daily sessions between 1-4 students per tutor. The subject and pace of tutorials is shaped by the interests and needs of the individual student. There are no fixed lesson plans and no topic is out of bounds. Our schedules are drafted in a manner which creates a healthy balance between the academic and social life of the student.
SENIORS ( 16 - 19 Years old)
Our Seniors camp is designed for students enrolled in IB (Diploma Programme), CP (Career-related Programme), O or A levels, IGCSE, GCSE or other local examination programs and are between the age range of 16-19 years old. The Oxford Institute offers students the flexibility to choose their subjects of interest from a range of options. All students choose a Major and a Minor subject from the list of Subjects offered to them. Our courses allow students to either focus on preparing for their upcoming exams and/or advancing their knowledge about their subjects/areas of interest. The program allows the seniors to explore their areas of interest in greater depth before departing for undergraduate studies. This is complimented by a research project that allows students to think independently, collect and analyse data and present their findings. The experience helps students get a taste of studying their chosen subject at the university level and develop their interest in pursuing it as a career path.
The Oxford Summer Program welcomes students currently enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different universities around the world. The course provides university students with networking opportunities and a chance to interact with professionals in their areas of interest. Emphasis is also given to developing and fine tuning communication skills through a range of public speaking and debating workshops as well as interpersonal, leadership and team working skills. Our admission counselling will aid in the application process and interview preparations for those university students who plan to opt for postgraduate degrees or a doctorate in top tier universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. The quality of instruction, engaging class environment, rigorous curriculum, enriching social activities, and creative approach is extremely beneficial for students who are aiming to proceed with postgraduate studies or work related opportunities abroad. The final-year university students planning to work abroad will benefit from this exposure and learn about the expectations, work culture and requirements in the UK.
The Executive Summer Program offers you the opportunity to identify, explore, and overcome management challenges in an incessantly changing business environment. Our two-week executive programme focuses on the challenges facing the next generation of business leaders, and explores the most appropriate and practical solutions. It is an ideal opportunity to take a step back, consider the bigger picture, and begin to develop solutions that will be necessary for the decade to come. The Oxford Institute specializes in offering customized courses to corporations, government bodies, NGOs, INGOs, academic institutes and many organizations and groups of people that are seeking to develop skills to succeed professionally.