During a student’s time with us at the Oxford Summer Program, we provide them with high-quality accommodation in one of the University of Oxford’s very own colleges. This adds to their Oxford University experience and enables the students to attain the headspace required to take part in our program. This unique experience includes access to lecture rooms, laboratories, recreational facilities, dining rooms, and sports fields which the students can use throughout the summer program unlike members of the public who do not have this level of access.  

The accommodation that we use to house our summer program students is in the prestigious St Anne’s College, which was founded in 1879 and possesses a rich history. The rooms in the college accommodation are normally used by Oxford University students during their term time, however, become available during the summer for the Oxford Institute to use. The college is situated in the center of the city of Oxford and is within walking distance of the many museums, shops, and attractions that make Oxford such an amazing place to study in. All rooms have internet access, a good Wi-Fi connection, and also en-suite or shared bathroom facilities, enabling the students to live comfortably in the accommodation. The accommodation is attractive to look at, with great views, greenery, and architecture. Health and safety is incredibly important to us and there are University Deans available around the college at all times in case a student is in need of them.  

St Anne’s College used to be known as The Society of Home-Students, according to the Oxford University website. It was created with the aim of giving women a way to study at Oxford, in a more affordable manner, as many of the women lived in different accommodations around the city. Society’s belief was that any student should be allowed to study at Oxford regardless of their background or financial situation, as long as they had the will to learn. 
The Society of Home-Students was renamed St Anne’s Society in 1942, and then eventually became a University College in 1952. The motto of St Anne’s College is ‘consult et adapter which is Latin for ‘purposefully and boldly’ which is an accurate representation of the College’s history and determination to let women study there. It is one of Oxford’s largest colleges as it has over 800 students residing there. In 1960, the Queen came to visit the newly built dining hall and ever since 1979, it has allowed both men and women to study there and continues to do so to this day. Who knows, you could be staying in the same room as a past famous Oxford student did!