Applying to Oxbridge

Have you ever thought about applying to Oxford or Cambridge University? The good news is that the Oxford Summer Program will help you! We will assist you with your application and ensure you have a complete understanding of the process and skills required throughout admissions. With the tutors and admissions counselors of the Oxford Summer Program, we will give you all the knowledge you need to apply to the top universities in the UK and a unique perspective that you most likely will not get from your school. 

This is because all of our staff have been through the Oxford University application process which means you will get a first-hand explanation of what it includes from the people who know best. The Oxford Summer Program 2023 includes admission counseling sessions within the course and advice from top Oxford students and scholars. Our program boasts an extensive number of Oxbridge Alumni who previously attended our course and these students have come from all around the world and used what they have learned in the program to successfully apply to these universities. Who knows, without the Oxford Summer Program they may not have made it to Oxbridge!

According to the Oxford University website, there are only around 3,250 places available for each academic year and yet the number of applications they receive reaches over 20,000. This means that successful applicants must do their best to stand out and appeal to the admissions office. This is why the Oxford Institute’s admission counseling is such a good opportunity for students to take part in as it shows real initiative to the top universities that the student went on our course to further their education and knowledge during the summer holidays when others tend not to work! We offer intensive training throughout our program and there are many incredibly intelligent people all in the same room, making themselves readily available to help the students on the course. 

Even if you have not got your sights set on Ivy League or Russell Group Universities, admissions counseling will still be very useful for you in applying to any university of your choice and will put you in a much better position. The counselors support the students in writing their personal statements for their UCAS applications and can also help them decide which university to apply to in order to find one that aligns with their future ambitions. Students are taught how to prepare for university interviews through one-on-one sessions and career development workshops are also available and have proven to be useful for everyone. 

Another aspect of the Oxford Summer Program that we pride ourselves on is that our tutors are able to give references about the students on the course. This is incredibly beneficial, especially if the student is applying to a top university because the tutors are from Oxford University and an academic reference from them is as prestigious as it gets! Course completion certificates are also given once the student has finished the Oxford Summer Program and these will be invaluable for the student’s CV and future applications. We really hope you will kickstart your Oxbridge journey with our Summer Programs, it could be just what the admissions officers is looking for!